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Economic Cluster to be Developed at IKN

Selasa, 30 November 2021 | 19.00 WIB

DHEAN.NEWS JAKARTA - IKN development is designed as one of the national economic recovery strategies after the pandemic that is integrated with various other economic recovery strategies.

Several economic clusters developed in IKN are part of high-value-added economic activities.

First, environmentally friendly manufacturing will be developed including electric vehicles and the solar PV industry. These two industries will complement and are strongly linked in the domestic supply chain with related industries that have already developed in Java (automotive and components) and Sulawesi/North Maluku (steel and batteries).

Second, integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing will focus on the production of medicinal raw materials, biosimilars, and vaccines which are also strongly connected in the supply chain with the pharmaceutical industry in Java, as well as global supply chains.

Third, a sustainable agro-industry will focus on developing plant-based proteins, high-quality herbs and nutrients, and plant extracts that utilize the natural wealth of East Kalimantan.

Fourth, advanced chemical manufacturing will focus on downstream petrochemicals and oleochemicals which are also strongly connected to domestic and export supply chain markets.

Fifth, the environmentally friendly energy sector that will be developed at IKN includes processing biofuels, synthetic fuels, and coal gasification.

Sixth, the development of sustainable tourism in East Kalimantan will be based on the strength and sustainability of developed ecotourism, health and wellness tourism, as well as urban tourism and MICE in three cities.